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[It was cold.

That was his first thought when he woke up in the woods surrounding the Barracks, literally sprawled out in the trees. The cold air bit into his bare hands, stung his ears and his cheeks, and made him miss the summery heat and exotic beaches that were starting to disappear back into his subconscious. This wasn’t the tropics; this was Luceti.
Sleep never looked more welcoming.

It was only when Lupin started to move that he noticed that something important in the world was terribly off. The branches were too big—and where was his coat? The coat was important, and he didn't care about what the Malnosso thought...

He stared at his hand, dumbfounded, when he caught sight of it. Seconds later he yelped in sheer shock and tumbled from the tree and into the snow.

...someone was going to pay for this own.

Chirping and chattering in irritation, Lupin pulled himself from the snow. Anyone care to give a monkey a hand?]

[Later that evening, after he has been returned to his apartment with both himself and his journal intact, Lupin scrawled out a message for the village at large:]


Lucky you, Luceti. Looks like I’m not gone yet.

What's the date? I thought they were going to let me spend the winter in Rio, so I wasn't expecting snow.

Did I miss anything?

-Lupin III

[He snaps the book shut at this. Goddamn he needed a drink. And a smoke. Not that he was going to get either soon--because he was a good monkey, and good monkeys don't smoke.]

((ooc:: Lupin here has been turned into a capuchin monkey for a week. Replies will come from [personal profile] monkey_punch_d . Thank you
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Hey, guys.

[His voice sounded weary but oddly content and calm. For the first time in a long time, he felt like he was starting to understand something.]

I was thinking about something, actually.  A couple of somethings.  It's getting to be winter and, by my count, there's going to be a few holidays coming up for many of us. I know not all of us celebrates them the same way...but, at the same time, many of us can't celebrate them as we used to. We don't have the same traditions around here, or the same people.

...What I thought I would do was try to arrange a fun get-together in a few weeks for people who just want to relax and have some fun. There won't be any rules or ties to tradition, but there will be people. Tis the season to be with people you like, right?


[At this point he pauses to throw on a filter, just to tease someone:]

Filtered from Fujiko: 98% )


[While the sun is still out, Lupin decided to head out into the town to check for some better winter gear in the various shops. He's not picky. Later on he can be found enjoying a hot drink at the bakery before he returns back to his apartment in Community House 1. He is keeping an eye out for both Grell and Gambit during this time.

He needed to rework plans with them.]

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Two things:

1. Whoever it was that found my work shop, return the pieces that you stole before the end of the day. I’ll be in the Barracks. If you fail to comply, I will find you.

It won’t be pretty.

2. What do the rest of you think about the last Shift? Was it good or bad? How did the loss of memory affect you? Do you think it left any long-term impact for yourself, your friends, and the rest of your stay in this village?

-Also. Prism Black. You deserve to be commended for your heroism. Never forget that.

Filtered to Trafalgar Law: Unhackable )

[True to his word, Lupin will be in the barracks all day. His encounter with Spock on Monday, combined with his activities from earlier in the week had finally caught up to him. Fatigue was inevitable. He had spent the better part of the last few days asleep, never very far from his new charge. The veritable plague of crows that had been set upon him by an angered god was an unnecessary incentive. He kept the windows shut, locked away the gnawing need for a cigarette that bit at the back of his mind, and tried to ignore the judgement he saw reflected in the eyes of his avian watchmen—but he would have stayed close to the barracks regardless of their looming (and aggravating) presence.

While the days spent between dreams and fleeting considerations over recent affairs had rejuvenated him, it didn't stop the inherent restlessness that was his constant foe—the core problem that would never entirely leave. The people who knew him would be able to identify the briskness of his step and the cool control with which he held every action and every word. He was distracted by a new project , one that was completely foreign to him, and was unwilling to divulge details until the proper time came.

The thief had returned to work, but nothing was as it seemed.]

((ooc: Thread with Spock is chronologically last.))

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[July 9: Voice]

Hey, Luceti.

[The thief speaks clearly over the public audio feeds very suddenly that night, with a level of calm that is surprising for some residents he spoke with over his most recent transmission. There's no laughter in his tone, nor any bitterness. He speaks as if he were holding a casual conversation.]

I just wanted to let you know, for those of you who knew him, that Detective Inspector Zenigata Koichi has returned home. Don't worry--he's just gone back to doing what he does best, even if he hasn't yet succeeded. Never let there be a doubt, he is the best damn officer that the ICPO has to offer. 

We're down another lawdog, guys, but we'll manage. Let's make the old bastard proud!

Also...he wasn't here for very long, so I don't know how many people he knew, but Jigen Daisuke has also returned home. Don't worry for him either, because its better for him to be out of here. He's quiet, but places like this never got on well with him.

If you want to honor them in some way, have a few drinks and a few smokes. If that's not your thing, then have a bowl of Miso Ramen for Pops. It's his favorite dish.

[Filtered to Smoker: Unhackable]

Captain? Pops left you something if you want to come get it.

[Considering recent weeks and the whirlwind of events, Lupin appeared to be taking the loss of two of his best friends rather well. Residents of Community House 5 would have noticed the sheer delay he took in actually investigating Zenigata's apartment on the third level. Whether out of physical necessity or his own misplaced lonliness, Lupin spends the night there.]

[July 10: Action]

[Residents of the village will be able to catch Lupin between several places the next day, largely in the area around Community House 5, the Barracks, and the Battle Dome. Although he's physically not fully adjusted to the current conditions left on him by the Malnosso, Lupin treks his way over to the Dome to make use of one of the simulation rooms for target practice. His aim went with his balance, and he intended to rectify that as soon as possible. Acquaintances could call him out on his poor coping skills once more, but that won't stop him from trying.

It's late afternoon by the time he's satisfied enough to leave, although he doesn't quite make it back to his room. Wandering villagers will find him napping anywhere around the Barracks or Community House 5, although a preference for sleeping under or in trees is noticeable. Just...don't ask him if he needs a hand.

If his refusal for aid is unaccepted, he will not be directing people to his apartment in the community building, but to House 46 on the other side of town.

His friends insisted on the change, and he was in no position to argue.]
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Cut for Narration. )

[The feed was thrown on without a glance, suddenly treating the residents of the enclosure to a blindingly bright view of the forest from below. The thief himself was not aware if the feed was audio or video—nor did he care. No filters were added, lest he risk another wave of vertigo with just the act of sitting up. It was too much of a bother, especially when the sky was so blue.

Let other people worry about that for now.]

Hey, Lu-ce-ti~ [His tone was oddly humorous and light, with his suppressed laughter hiding just behind his words.] I’m back. [And alive.]

Can anyone around here spare a smoke? Not menthol and filtered, that’s all I want. Oh, and a light.

…who wants to go fishing?

((ooc: Nothing on this post is filtered and nothing will be filtered unless other characters put them up. Work under the assumption that everything said in this post via the journals is fully readable to everyone unless it is filtered, and threadjack away if you wish.

The actual act of picking Lupin up from the woods is locked to Luke Skywalker, though further action may take place around Community House 5 or the Battle Dome. For those with the lie-detect ability or something similar, you are thus warned that most things Lupin will say on non-filtered conversations is a complete lie.

With that noted, have at.))
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Cut for Narrative and Backstory )

[Dressed in a black suit jacket instead of the green he was wearing for the last few weeks, Lupin steps out onto the stage with a broad but cordial grin on his face. This was a show, and he was a showman at heart.]

Ladies and Gentleman of Luceti. Tonight, Cloud Nine is presenting you with a treat tonight. She's not new to the trade, but she is new to this venue. Please, can we have a warm round of applause for the talented and lovely Mine Fujiko!

[He's wearing black. She's wearing blue. His heart a flutter, Lupin reaches for his viola and starts to play.

When the timing is right, she sings. It's a lovely, heartfelt tone and a rendition of a classic that they both knew by heart.

Unbeknownst to Fujiko, Lupin has his journal tucked out of sight set to audio record the performance. It was proof for posterity, and a window for the rest of the village.

Enjoy, Luceti.]

((OOC: This is a Joint Post. We have no set order, but expect thread jackings from either of us, especially for action tags. Embrace it. You know you love it.))
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Hey, Luceti.

[The thief is oddly somber that morning when he makes his announcement, his voice indicating little of his own thoughts and feelings. His goal was to share some information, no more and no less.

At least the news wasn't terrible.]

To those that knew her, Officer Chun-Li of the ICPO has returned to her duties from her vacation here. Knowing her, it means that she's gone back to kicking a lot of criminals into prison. We're down one lawdog and one ray of sunshine, but we should be happy for her. She's back where she can do the most good.

[Filtered to Adele: Unhackable]

Dellie. She left you a book. Want to drop by to pick it up?
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[It's mid-afternoon when the journal post is made by a familiar voice in an unfamiliar mood. A quick look at the image reveals a face that is both familiar and unfamiliar--but that smile, with it's odd curl and suppressed mirth, can mean it is only one person.]

[Failed Filter to Mine Fujiko: Completely Readable]

Hey...Fujiko? Remember that game you gave me at the end of the last month before you went on your mission? It was very clever, and the prize has been a joy. How did you know I liked history books? I'm wondering, though...why are you having me read about your ex-boyfriend's grandfather, after you made it clear that you don't want to think about it?

[There's a pause as the man notices the feed.] Oh... blast it! I messed, Fujiko. Want to meet in my place?

...Everyone, disregard that.

[Later that day the man wanders the town, his hair in a mussed disarray and red jacket noticeably missing. Instead he wears dark colors, fitted but more casual clothes, and his wings are for once in the open. He's headed to the library to return some books, gather others and other supplies. Early that evening, another journal post is made. This time, it's intended for anyone.]

Evening, Luceti, this is Red. I was just anyone else around here missing about twenty-one hours of their weekend? Does anybody who isn't know what happened? It's just a question for inquiring minds.

Also--has anybody actually given the Battle Dome a good once over after last week?

[He's serious in his words, even if the smile is light. Ladies and Gentleman, meet the man who's going to be adamant about calling himself Red...someone you're more likely to know as Arsene Lupin III. He's not going to stand down from that either.]

[OOC: Details about how Lupin has been shifted, for the curious, are here. He has a number of physical details in terms of style that are changing beyond what's available to me in normal fanart and screencaps, so I've had to choose a PB, Emiya Kiritsugu a man from another anime that I've yet to actually see. Replies will have appropriate icons, thanks.]
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[It's late at night that the video feed opens. The thief is there, not remembering proper camera etiquette again, with a finger held up to his smiling lips. "Be quiet," he seems to be asking. Not that it would save him.

While he's requesting quiet, he himself is haphazardly humming a soft, haunting melody, the title of which he will swear to the day that he dies that he doesn't know. For a man who hasn't spoken to God in years, his humming is strangely reverent.

The viewers soon realize why.

The thief removes himself from the video feed, presenting a scale replica of a cathedral that some may recognize as the forever incomplete Sagrada Familia, the magnum opus of the deceased architect, Gaudi. Done up entirely in matchsticks and glue, and delicately standing on the coffee table in front of Lupin's zebra print sofa, it is but a faint echo of the original's majesty.

Astute observers will notice something different about it--it doesn't look as incomplete as it is in real life. The thief comes back into view, smiling.

There are secrets lingering just beneath the surface of his gaze. He will say nothing that will indicate what, though.]

Beautiful, isn't it. Been feeling a little nostalgic, for some reason. I thought the Old Man would appreciate it.
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[Residents of Community House 5 may have noticed a flurry of activity from a furtive man in red recently, predominantly in the wee hours of the morning or in the dead of night. The sounds of haphazard bumps and thwacks may have woken them up on ocassion, and the lingering scent of gunpowder may have made them wonder what the hell was going on in that room on the sixth level of the building.

Don't worry. It's just the resident master thief, Arsene Lupin III, finally moving out of Inspector Zenigata's apartment and into his own,  conducting a little mad science while in the process.

...and not everything is going as planned for him. A loud explosion bursts from room #30, breaking the peace of the wintery way. Smoke follows, billowing forth from the windows.

There's a lot of swearing in French.

More, smaller booms follow. The sound of doors slamming, bodies falling, and feet running through the corridors can be heard.


Sorry, Luceti. Lupin will stop trying to make smoke bombs for a while.]


Yeah. Sorry about that. I'm just doing science here...

[A thud--something big has fallen.]

Don't worry--I have it under control. I'm a professional, you know!


[The feed cuts out with more gratuitous swearing as another large something or other falls over.]
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[The thief Arsene Lupin III is at it again. The video feed opens to him staring good naturedly at the camera, a relatively calm smile on his face as compared to his usual excess in energy. Astute observers wil notice that he has donned a green jacket instead of his usual red, perhaps in a subconscious attempt to match his style with the current mellow and chilly weather.

Just when the smile and stare starts to become a little awkward, he decides to speak:]

Hey, Luceti! Do any of you remember that wierd Horoscope thing that happened just after Thanksgiving? Yeah...I'm still having a little problem left over from that, and I was wondering if some of you could help a guy out.

[The feed shifts so that Lupin is no longer on screen. Instead, the audience is treated to a view of...a veritable mess. In a bedroom in one of the apartments from the Community Houses there is a horde of junk. Literally. Stuffed animals, kitchen ware, paper goods, clothing items, and other miscellany are gathered in the room, with a minor semblence of order. Everything is sorted by type of item and nothing more.

The only notable single item stack is a pile of panties partially hidden from view in a corner.

 If anyone who has noticed his random appearances and disappearances from the Barracks within the last few weeks and wondered where he was when he wasn't parked in the trees with his binoculars--this is what he has been doing.]

One of my 'predictions' was that I would inadvertently steal things. Turns out I did; I just don't remember any of it. All of this? Yeah. This was all stolen during that week. I've spent the last month digging everything up.

[He sighs dramatically.] There might still be more too...

I'm not asking you guys to believe me when I say all this, and I'm not trying to show off or brag. I was hoping that you guys could come and look through this stuff and take it off me. I really don't want it.

[The feed flips back to his face, his expression one of complete acceptance. People who didn't know him would never guess that such grand scale theft without memory is out of character for him. He's not a kleptomaniac. He's just constantly hungry for a challenge.]

Another thing. For the people who missed the announcement before, I'm planning on having a Casablanca movie day on Christmas Eve with Fujiko. It seems only good and fair to invite other people, so feel free to drop in if you have no one else to  hang out with for Christmas. If someone can help me figure out how to set it up for people to watch through the journals, that'd be awesome.

Filtered 60% to Ishikawa Goemon XIII )

[The feed closes abruptly after this. The thief obviously can't be bothered with showmanship at this point. He'll have the offer to come and 'shop' open from the 20th onward, and the channels are left open to contact him via Journal. He's been rooming with Zenigata in CH 5 for the moment, so any residents are welcome to drop in.

The 24th finds him setting up for Casablanca. If you have the expertise to set it up to stream through the journal, feel free to contact him. Otherwise, drop by Fujiko's place on the top level of CH 5. Don't worry; there will be drinks, and all of the traps have been taken down.]

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[The video feed opens to a slightly manic grin on the face of the (in)famous thief, Arsene Lupin III. He is dressed in his usual attire of a brilliant red suit jacket and--mysteriously--is carrying a jitte that definitely does not belong to him. The only other thing that seems out of order is his hair which, although hastily shoved into place with the aid of water, appears intent on not staying in its usual slicked back style. That is not what draws the viewer's attention--it's the high energy, mischievous look in his eyes.

The camera wobbles slightly. He's at the fountain, and very obviously walking circles around the perimeter of it. He starts to speak, brandishing the jitte around as he makes his points.]

Good Morning, People of Luceti!! I've been here for a couple of weeks now, and I thought it was high time I made my official introduction to the rest of you. You may have heard mentions of me from a certain Sassy Little Kitten, Mine Fujiko, or from a certain determined Old Man, Inspector Zenigata Koichi--rest assured. I am here now. Any complaints you may have heard about me from them is now, from this day forward, thus alleviated.

Oh, but you'll be wanting my name, won't you? I am the One, the Only, Arsene Lupin III--international man of mischief and connoisseur of fine art and wine!  Ladies, ladies. Take your time. You'll get your turn soon enough!

Now, now. Since we're all trapped in this place, and since I'm sure my reputation has preceeded me, feel free to contact me if you need a partner for a job or just someone to ease your lonliness. I may be a rogue, but I don't bite.


[His tone hardens at this point, taking on an edge of knife-like severity. Underneath the mischief in his eyes lies a bold determination and aura of command.]

And, to any unseen and unheard audiences out there who may be listening in, I warn you: I won't stop at anything, I won't be quiet, and I won't make your job easy. I don't know what you were thinking in bringing me here, and I don't think I want to know. Keep in mind, though, that I'm very capable of making your lives miserable.

[He lets the words hang in the air for a lengthy beat, staring hard into the camera. Then, as quickly as it came, the mood vanished.]

Oh. Pops. I think I kinda grabbed your Jitte there. You can have it back when you want it--but I can see why you bring it around some times. It's pretty fun to wave around! [He grins like an idiot as he ends his announcement.]
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[There is a man in the woods. His hair is a mess, and his clothes are way too plain for his liking. Residents would recognize him as a new feather--he just thinks he had way, way too many drinks the night before.

Somehow he lost his jacket.

And his shoes.

And his composure.

His only clue was that book he found--that annoying book. It wasn't useful at all.

Arsene Lupin III throws that book to the ground, swearing. It lands open, with its pages in the dirt.]

Aagh...this isn't working. [There's a shuffle of pages--he's kicked the book.] Guess I gotta regroup. Eeegh. Woods, Lupin. Think!

Looks like walking north isn't enough. [He starts pacing] And without a map...aa, this is really annoying. [The pacing stops--he has an idea.]


[Because shouting is such a productive least he feels a little better.]

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A quick note )

Thus, we now have the HMD:

Please let me know if I'm playing Lupin inconsistently with what you have seen. If you have any problems with my depiction, PM me and we can discuss it. I'm a budding writer, and constructive criticism is more than welcome. Also PM me if you have any questions, or want clarification. I don't bite, and I do try to keep things as clear and easy as possible.
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-- Cloud Nine + Jack Horner
-- Another goodbye + Law
-- The cat returned + Jigen
-- Another stray + Blair
-- Irritable Fashionista + Bulla Brief
-- Dude looke like a Lady + Luke Skywalker
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This is still under construction and very badly organized. One day it will get better. For now, apologies.
Activities in 2012 )

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This is the mailbox of your's truely, Arsene Lupin III. I take it that you've come here because you want to talk to me or make some kind of plan. Whatever it is, I'l gladly listen, but I need your name, date, time, and the best way to get back to you. Sorry I missed you, and I'll get back to you soon, okay?

[Please denote if you are leaving a written, voice, or video message and comment here.]

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